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With the rise of digital marketing and advertising through social media channels the thought of using an estate agent sales brochure to market your business could seem a little old fashioned to some. Here at 3 Media Ltd we do recognise the importance of a digital channels and as such your advert will be featured within the digital brochure that can be shown on the website of the estate agent, their own social media channels and as part of their email signature.

But we believe that the digital version complements our tangible high-quality printed brochure. Below we wanted to explain some of the reasons why.

Reaches Your Target Audience

Brochures are an excellent vehicle to get your business products and services in the hands of your target market. During viewings, valuations or just general enquirers, the brochure in which your business is featured will be handed in person by the estate agent representative in their office, events, meetings, networking events and so many other distribution opportunities.

This distribution method means you are specifically targeting the right people who will have a need and interest in the products or services you are offering.

Whether it’s selling, buying or renting your advert will be targeted to those new families who are relocating or those who are moving from within. The brochure is packed for of essential and useful information such as:

  • Preparing your property for photographs
  • Moving checklist
  • Financial planner

Our brochures are a great source of information and feedback from the many estate agents that we work is that are an invaluable piece of literature that add huge value to the service they offer their customers.


An estate agent brochure is something people can touch, keep, and pass on to others; it allows potential customers connect with the information they have received via the brochure instead of forgetting it amongst the wide-web.

Having a brochure physically there in front of your gives the information inside much more of a meaning and attracts the potential customers’ attention more than an advert they might see on the web. Brochures are easy to access as all you have to do is pull it out of the drawer if you’re wanting to re-read the information or pass it onto a friend, whereas an advert on the web may be difficult to trace back and locate.

With our estate agents, our brochures are distributed at some many different opportunities, but in the vast amount of cases it is when people need their services. This means that they are interested in what’s included in the brochure and how it will help them.


The appearance is everything for an estate agent brochure as it tells the customer a lot about your estate agent. Just like the saying first impressions count, it also works with brochures, if you hand an unattractive brochure to a potential customer they will automatically get an idea of your business, and they may think you don’t put effort in. If they are handed a glossy technicolour marvel, they’ll associate your brand with quality.

Therefore at 3 Media Ltd we don’t produce anything that does not add huge value to both the estate agent and those businesses who are featured.

A brochure which is of high quality won’t be thrown away and will be kept by the person you have handed it to; they will appreciate the quality of the material used, the print, and the contents. Even though you should “never judge a book by it’s cover” when it comes to marketing the better looking your brochure is the more effective it will be.

But what truly underpins being able to create a striking and lasting impression with a printed estate agent brochure is the quality of the material itself. Not just the quality of the content in artistic terms – such as punchy copy, striking images and bold colour schemes – but also in terms of high quality inks used throughout.

Cost Effective

When you compare against featuring your business within a high-quality estate brochure against other digital promoting opportunities. It will be very difficult to beat print media, specifically long-term brochure advertising.

If you consider the costs of doing a PPC or SEO campaign, you will need to have a) the budget b) the knowledge of reaching your targeted audience c) the understanding to measure your return of investment.

And if we compare against conventional local newspaper advertising, the costs are featuring your business for 1 night with small artwork dimensions could cost your more than having a similar advert for 2 years in our estate agent brochure.


On point with brand

We fully appreciate the importance of branding and this is why we will always ask for a high-res image of your logo and your colour codes to ensure a seamless integration of brand positioning within the brochure. Your advert will need to be signed-off as approval, so nothing will go to print without your 100% authorisation.

Here are some other great reasons why you should feature your business in an estate agent brochure

  • Trends come and go but many people still like brochures as they can display beautiful images and a vast amount of information.
  • Our estate agent brochures are designed to be referred to again and again.
  • Many people find accessing a brochure easier than trailing the web for information about your company.
  • They are cost-effective for promoting your business
  • Offer a personal touch as they are distributed by hand to interested customers needing your products & services
  • They are always visible as they are physically there instead of being on an advert which flashes by when compared to digital advertising.

Even though brochures can be overlooked in favour of more ‘trendy’ marketing methods, when it comes to getting your business seen, our estate agent brochures are still as effective. Many people use brochures to collect information, make decisions, and purchase services and products. Our luxury and desirable looking brochures are often left “on-show” on customer’s coffee tables.

Need more Information

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